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Our Civil Service Exam (prelims cum mains) – Regular Batch course is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in civil services. Our course is comprehensive and covers all the subjects that are essential for the exam.

Course Highlights

NCERT (6th – 12th) Chapter Wise Classes:

Our NCERT (6th – 12th) chapter-wise classes are designed to provide students with a strong foundation in their subjects. Our experienced faculty members use innovative teaching techniques to make learning fun and engaging.

NCERT (6th – 12th) Chapter Wise MCQs:

We offer NCERT (6th – 12th) chapter-wise MCQs to help students test their understanding of the topics. Our MCQs are designed to help students improve their speed and accuracy while solving questions.

Prelims + Mains Coaching:

We provide comprehensive coaching for both prelims and mains exams. Our coaching includes subject-wise classes, mock tests, study material, and personalized attention from our faculty members.

Prelims Test Series:

We conduct regular prelims test series to help students assess their preparation level and identify areas that need improvement. Our test series are designed to simulate the actual exam and provide students with a real-life experience.

Mains Answer Writing Programme:

We offer a mains answer writing programme to help students develop their writing skills. Our programme includes guidance on how to structure answers, how to use examples and facts, and how to write in a concise and clear manner.

Personal Mentorship:

We provide students with personal mentorship to help them overcome their weaknesses and improve their performance. Our faculty members provide individual attention to each student and help them achieve their academic goals.

PDF Notes:

We provide students with PDF notes that cover the entire syllabus. Our notes are designed to be comprehensive and easy to understand. Students can access these notes online and study at their convenience.

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