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We offer coaching classes for +2 level exams that are SCERT and NCERT based. Our highly experienced and qualified faculty members provide comprehensive coaching to help students achieve their goals.

Our subject-wise classes and test series are designed to cater to the needs of each student. We offer SCERT and NCERT-based test series, as well as UPSC model test series to help students prepare better for their exams.

Our coaching centre also provides PDF notes in both English and Malayalam, so that students can revise important topics anytime, anywhere.

We believe that personal attention and guidance are essential to a student’s success, which is why we offer personal mentorship to every student. Our faculty members provide individual attention to each student and guide them through their academic journey.

We also have special batches for housewives and working people who want to pursue their dream of getting a +2 level education without compromising their work or family life.

Join us and get on the path to success in your +2 level exams!

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